Have faith in me.

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It really hurts to fall in love because it’s kind of like falling into life. One minute you’re breathing and a second later you realize you’ve never really lived at all. Life begins the moment someone loves you. Life begins with intimacy, with carefree vulnerability, with comfortable nudity. It’s in the first kiss, the first night sleeping next to someone, maybe even the first time. But at some point, existing on your own isn’t an option anymore, and the mere thought of being able to handle loneliness is intolerable. When someone really loves you, you never want to stop being wanted. Your skin feels bare and cold when it is left untouched.

Someone used to love me. My eyes filled with colors, music rattled my bones. I smiled with my whole heart, and I loved just as fondly. Love infused my body with senses, it shook me to the core. I let my responsibilities go because love was more important.

And I’d give anything to be irresponsible for you once more.


- (me) a poem called Pieces of Me. (via wishtoconfess)